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A 2-Step Routine for Simple Winter Skin Care

A 2-Step Routine for Simple Winter Skin Care

Everyone loves the season of winter as it brings along with some much-needed chilliness and marks the onset of the holiday season. However, the harsh colds of this season can greatly damage your skin and hair. As the temperature drops, the moisture in your skin also decreases. as a result of which flaking and itching can occur. Dealing with skin care in winter need not be a complicated process, with this simple 2-step winter skin care routine, you can protect your face from the brutality of cold winters.


1. Opt for a Lip Balm

First things first, start off with a lip balm. Bitter winter colds can leave your lips looking dry and chapped. Using a lip balm as a part of your winter skin care routine is essential. NIVEA’s lip balm range uses natural oils to give your lips a softness that lasts for up to 24 hours. Furthermore, our lip balms also add a touch of subtle shine and color. Given the opportunities for group photos and selfies, having healthy, nourished lips are a must during the festive season. You can explore our lip balms range here.


2. Use a Nourishing Moisturiser

During winter, your skin doesn't produce as much oil as usual, and as a result of which, your skin becomes dry and flaky. Getting a moisturizer made for winter weather is a great way to lock in moisture and keep your skin healthy and hydrated. You can opt for our jojoba oil and Vitamin E-rich Soft - Light Moisturising Cream. It’s easy to spread and offers long-lasting moisture and care for your face. Making it one of the best moisturizers for the winter season.

That’s it! Using our lip balm and moisturizer combination, you can create a winter skin care routine that is effective, affordable, and long-lasting. PS: Remember to apply your winter skin care products every morning, especially if you're stepping outside.

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