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How Dark Spots Are Caused and Cured: A Brief Analysis

How Dark Spots Are Caused and Cured: A Brief Analysis

Numerous factors such as freckles, age spots, and scarring can often give your complexion an uneven appearance. Commonly known as dark spots, these scars lead to an uneven looking skin tone, which in turns leads to haphazard experimentation with various skin-lightening products. 

While numerous skin-lightening face washes are available in the market, not all are the same, and some may even be harmful. The key to treating dark spots lies in understanding what to look for, and choosing your dark spot removal face wash accordingly.



It all starts with Melanin, a natural pigment which is produced as a response to ultraviolet (UV) light, in turn giving skin its unique color. When your skin is exposed to the sun for a long time, melanin is produced in large quantities and gathers into concentrated clusters of hyperpigmentation,  or more accurately ‘dark spots’.  Dark spots are a common sign of aging, scarring, and sun exposure. Other factors include imbalance in hormones, irritation brought about by products used for waxing or excessive exfoliation, and medication side-effects. 

Naturally, the process of fading begins once the root of the dark spot is identified by your body. A spot that is a couple shades darker than your normal skin tone goes away in a span of 6 to 12 months, while in some cases, it may take years for the color to fade if it is deeply ingrained in your skin. If you have a dark complexion, then the dark spots would be much darker in color. Fret not, the disappearance of dark spots and patches can be accelerated with treatment, or by using products such as dark spot reduction face washes and cleansers.



Dark spots might be unavoidable as you age. There are, however, some common habits you can implement to help prevent the development of dark spots on your face, or the re-emergence of faded ones:
  • Use a quality SPF on your face. Sunscreen, or SPF, blocks UV rays and guards against damage to skin cells. Be sure to wear and reapply sunscreen every two hours.

  • Wear a covering outside, including long sleeves, pants, and a hat. SPF fabrics may provide additional defense.

  • Avoid high sun times. The hours of 10am to 2 p.m. are usually when UV exposure is at its highest.

  • Opt for specialized products such as a face wash for dark spot removal. These help in both prevention and cure.


Perfecting your skin care routine is crucial. By using a toxin-free face wash such as NIVEA's Dark Spot Reduction, you can eliminate grime, dirt, and surplus oil from your facial skin and fasten the treatment of existing spots, making it one of the best men's face wash for dark spots in the market. Simply apply this dark spot removal face wash to your palms, then start rubbing a small amount onto your face.

Although they aren't always a cause for concern, having dark spots on your face can lower your self-esteem and dampen your appearance. You can use natural and secure home remedies, or opt for our thoughtfully crafted dark spot reduction face washes. Don’t let dark spots dampen your mood, simply act fast, treat fast and make your clear skin last!
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