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4 Tips on How to Get Rid of Chapped Lips

4 Tips on How to Get Rid of Chapped Lips

When your lips have reached an advanced stage of dryness and have become cracked or chapped, the typical quick remedies such as applying nivea lip balm or hydrating with water may not be sufficient. Repairing cracked lips will take some time and effort, but with self-control, patience, and determination, you can successfully restore their health. By following a consistent lip care routine and knowing how to get rid of chapped lips, you'll achieve smooth, hydrated lips once again.

You can trust Nivea to provide you with an effective treatment for chapped lips, and all you need to do is follow our easy-to-understand 4-step guide to nourish and revitalize your lips.


Dry or chapped lips need extra care and protection, which you can get by following these 4 tips for chapped lips. With these skincare tips, you can nurse dry, chapped lips back to good health and keep them well-fed and moist!


You must drink enough water throughout the day to moisten your lips. Also, adding water-dense vegetables to your diet will give you important nutrients and help you stay hydrated and have healthy, moisturized lips. Remember that hydration is the key to keeping lips soft and smooth.


Rub your lips gently with a homemade mixture of olive or coconut oil and sugar to remove dry skin and show a smoother surface. After that, wipe your lips clean with a splash of warm water. This will make your lips feel clean and ready to be moisturized. Discover the secret to softer, naturally beautiful lips with this gentle exfoliating treatment. Learn how to exfoliate lips and unveil their true radiance.


NIVEA's Cherry Shine lip balm, enriched with shimmery pigments, makes your lips soft and supple, adding a beautiful touch of shine. Its moisturizing formula keeps your lips hydrated for 24 hours and makes applying easy. This gives your lips a healthier look.


Apply a Nivea cream to your lip lines before bed. This nightly routine will give your lips important protection and deep nourishment, keeping them moist all night. When you wake up, your lips will be soft and smooth, ready for the day. Adding this simple step to your skincare routine will help keep your lips moist and prevent them from drying out.


Conventional remedies for cracked and chapped lips may require reevaluation, especially concerning the lip balm ingredients. However, with self-control, patience, and commitment, you may restore the health of your lips. By adhering to our simple four-step guide, Nivea will effectively treat your chapped lips during the winter skincare routine. Stay hydrated, exfoliate, and discover how to get rid of chapped lips by using Nivea lip balm daily. Additionally, nurture your lips at night with Nivea cream to ensure they remain soft and well-moisturized. You can restore the softness and moisture to your lips by following these simple methods, improving their natural beauty and overall health.



1. What is the fastest way to heal cracked lips?

Apply a hydrating lip balm with beeswax or shea butter often throughout the day, drink a lot of water to stay hydrated, and don't lick your lips to help them heal faster.

2. Do chapped lips ever heal?

Yes, overcoming the challenge of dry lips is indeed possible through proper care and moisture. You can effectively address dryness by utilizing nivea lip balms regularly, refraining from biting your lips, and safeguarding them from harsh elements. Discovering how to get rid of chapped lips is as simple as following these steps, which will expedite the healing process and restore the innate smoothness of your lips.

3. When chapped lips won't heal?

Various factors, including an arid climate, dehydration, or underlying medical issues, can lead to persistently chapped lips. To expedite their healing, it's crucial to focus on how to treat cracked lips. This involves staying well-hydrated, applying a high-quality lip balm, and taking steps to protect your lips from further damage.

4. How do you get rid of chapped lips permanently?

Maintaining a consistent lip care routine is key to banishing dry chapped lips forever. By ensuring your lips stay well moisturized, gently exfoliating, and applying nourishing lip balm regularly, all while protecting them from harsh weather conditions, you can significantly reduce the occurrence of dry, chapped lips.
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