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Skin Care Routine 101: Why Face Wash Matters?

Skin Care Routine 101: Why Face Wash Matters?

Keeping up with your skin care routine on a daily basis is an important yet daunting task. With so many different regimes and products available, how do you decide what’s best for your skin? 

This is where a face wash can be a game-changer! It is a simple yet effective step that can make a significant difference in the overall health and appearance of your skin. So, ladies, if you're wondering why a face wash is important, let us help you with that.

Read on to learn about the benefits of a face wash and how to apply a face wash for effective results.

Benefits of a Face Wash for Women

Every woman’s daily routine can consist of many different skin care products and techniques, depending on your skin type, personal choices and concerns. But one thing to never forget is using a face wash or cleanser, which is the first and foremost step, no matter what follows after.

Let’s delve into why using a face wash is important:

1. Cleansing Impurities

You are exposed to a lot of dirt, pollutants and bacteria throughout the day. Along with the dirt, oil and sweat can accumulate on your face. This causes your pores to get blocked and lead to breakouts. Additionally, if you put makeup on your face, the build-up of the same can also clog your pores. Hence, it is vitally important to wash your face to clear it off all the impurities and sweat. Using a suitable face wash or face cleanser will help you keep up your facial skin’s hygiene.

2. Preventing Breakout

When regularly included in your skin care routine, a face wash can help you do away with frequent occurrences of acne. Acne is caused by blocked or clogged pores, and regularly using a face wash/cleanser can help prevent breakouts by keeping pores clean.

If you have oily skin, it means that your skin is more prone to acne. You can use the NIVEA Milk Delights Face Wash- Fine Gramflour which will help you get rid of excess oil, while gently cleansing your face with the goodness of milk.

3. Skin Hydration

Face washes like the NIVEA Milk Delights Face Wash- Honey can help you deeply and gently cleanse your face while maintaining the natural moisture balance in your skin. The goodness of milk provides deep cleansing which ensures getting rid of all the grime. The richness of honey helps prevent water loss to keep your skin nourished with hydration.

4. Anti-aging 

The accumulation of dead skin cells and dirt on your face can make your skin look dull, lifeless and aged. Using a face wash helps you get rid of dead skin cells, making way for fresh, glowing skin to come in light. Plus, massaging your face with a suitable face wash helps in stimulating blood circulation in your skin. This stimulation helps in boosting glow as well as triggers collagen production, which makes your skin radiate with health, brightness and youthfulness. 

5. Helps Other Products Penetrate

When your face is free of any impurities, oil and pollutants, it helps other products to absorb into your skin effectively. Anything that you like to apply for your usual skin care, a face wash lays down the perfect base with a clean, fresh and hygienic surface the essential agents to enter your skin, providing what your skin needs.

How to Apply a Face Wash?

You know why you should never skip a face wash, but what if you don’t use it the right way? If you make mistakes like scrubbing your face too hard, or using a very high temperature of water to wash your face, you may give rise to skin concerns like irritation and even breakouts. This is why even though using a face wash/ cleanser is not rocket science, it still needs proper care and attention so that you can avoid any skin conditions.

This is why we bring you 5 easy steps to make the best use of a face wash:-

Step 1- Wet Your Face

The first step is to splash some water on your face to make it wet or damp, with cold or lukewarm water. This is to ensure the face wash can lather well. Avoid using hot water as it can irritate your skin.

Step 2- Massage

After wetting your face, pour a few drops of a face wash on your palms and rub them together. Then, massage the cleanser on your skin, gently in circular motions. Massage well from your forehead to your neck. 

Make sure you are not scrubbing too hard or else you may end up irritating your skin, leading to skin conditions like inflammation, itching or redness.

Step 3- Rinse

After a good massage, rinse thoroughly, with cold or lukewarm water. Don’t forget to rinse near your hairline, ears and neck. Again, avoid using hot water as it can irritate your skin.

Step 4- Gently Dry

After rinsing the face wash/cleanser, gently pat dry your face with a clean, soft towel. It’s always better to have a separate towel for your face and your body as the skin on your face is comparatively more sensitive.

Step 5- Moisturise

After drying your face, lock your skin with a suitable moisturiser. Applying the moisturiser will help you fight extreme dryness or extreme oiliness, both of which can cause many skin conditions. You may consider using NIVEA moisturising creams that are enriched with high emollient properties and help you upkeep your skin’s hydration requirements.

The Takeaway

Using a face wash as a part of your daily skin care routine is truly essential for maintaining healthy and radiant skin. It's the perfect way to kickstart your day and leave you feeling fresh-faced and fabulous. Pick a suitable face wash for your skin type and use it the right way, and your skin will glow with health and hydration.
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