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The Rise Of Face Washes: From Remedies To A Ritual

The Rise Of Face Washes: From Remedies To A Ritual

Whether you follow a simple regime, or a detailed 15-step procedure inspired by a Korean skincare routine, the first basic step in any daily skincare activity is to cleanse your face. Even in ancient times and eras of the past, women frequently used various natural ingredients such as honey, turmeric and saffron to maintain their skin’s natural glow. Since time immemorial, the act of washing and cleansing your face to remove impurities like dirt, oil, and grime has been a common practice.

These humble skincare remedies have evolved over the years, going from remedies to everyday essentials one simply can’t live without. Even today, when choosing the right face wash for your skin, it is important to understand your skin type and then pick accordingly. The choices are more diverse than ever before, ranging from medical applicants to fruit or herb-based natural ingredient face washes. Gone are the days of fancy sounding and overly engineered products, today’s consumers understand the value of good skincare, and desire a face wash without harmful chemicals or secret ingredients.

Nowadays, getting your skin care right is no easy task. Many products being offered in the market are harsh on the skin, and make it feeling dry and itchy. Even foaming face washes, if aggressive, can cause dryness and irritation. This is where the factor of pH comes into play. 

Essentially, pH stands for potential hydrogen, assessing how acidic or alkaline your skin is. Acidic skin is prone to acne, while alkaline skin can look flaky and red. Balanced and well-mainted skin is less prone to sudden reactions and can better tackle signs of ageing and stress. Scientists claim that the ideal value for skin pH is 5.5. 

Designed with the modern consumer in mind, our Milk Delights face wash range consists of a variety of gentle and mildly cleansing milk-based face washes, that treats and cleanses skin gently and maintains its ideal pH level.

Each offering in NIVEA’s Milk Delights range caters to a different skin type:

  • NIVEA Milk Delights Saffron Face Wash
  • Made with the goodness of milk and saffron, this deep cleansing face wash will leave your skin healthy and glowing. Saffron effectively clears dark spots and evens out skin tone, giving you visibly brighter skin.

  • NIVEA Milk Delights Turmeric Face Wash
  • Turmeric is well-known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. This face wash reduces 99.9% of acne-causing bacteria and prevents new pimples from breaking out. Use it every day for spotless, picture-perfect skin.

  • NIVEA Milk Delights Honey Face Wash
  • If you desire hydrated and refreshed skin, this face wash with honey is the perfect choice. The two ingredients, milk and honey, work together to nourish your skin and help it retain its moisture.

  • NIVEA Milk Delights Rose Face Wash
  • Sensitive skin is one of the toughest issues to tackle. Mild and effervescent, rose reduces irritation and cleanse and prevents further damage. While milk soothingly cleanses your skin without causing further irritation.

  • NIVEA Milk Delights Besan Face Wash
  • Oily skin is extremely finicky, especially during the monsoon humidity. Using the granular powers of besan, this face wash removes excess oil from your skin without stealing away its essential oils. It also prevents your skin from looking greasy and unkempt. 

    Diverse and reliable, NIVEA’s Milk Delights range has been created to offer gentle cleanse and care for your skin, address any ailments, and leave your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated with a healthy, natural glow. Choose the face wash that best suits your skin and take your skin care routine to the next level.

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