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The Summer Skin Care Routine You’ve Been Waiting For

The Summer Skin Care Routine You’ve Been Waiting For

Summers bring in a lot of warmth, with long days and lemonades, but what about the toll it can take on your skin? With the sun being its scorching self, and the humid and hot winds blowing, your skin is bound to feel parched and irritated. This is why a suitable and regular summer skin care routine is absolutely essential. 

Worried what will be the best skincare regime to follow during summer? Well, that’s exactly what we are here for. Read on to find out why a summer skin care routine is important and some easy steps to take for the same.

Why is a Summer Skin Care Routine Necessary?

Giving your skin the care it deserves during the blazing summer days is vital for many reasons, including:

To Protect your Skin from Excessive Heat

Excessive heat can damage your skin in many different ways. While high degrees of temperatures can leave your skin dehydrated causing dry skin, it can also trigger surplus production of sebum which can cause oily skin, leading to acne breakouts. Thus, a proper skincare regime is essential to upkeep the health of your skin.

To Keep Sunburns and Tan Away

Most summer days are spent outdoors, whether on beaches or in swimming pools, which involves a lot of direct sun exposure. This exposure leads to sunburns and tanning of skin, which is highly unhealthy and in fact dangerous for your skin as it can increase the chances of developing skin cancer. Following the right summer skin care tips and regime will help you shield your skin against skin damage.

To Keep your Skin Hydrated and Moisturised

Intense heat leads to a moisture loss and dehydration of your skin, which results in dry and flaky skin. This may destroy your skin's protective natural barrier, leaving it more at risk of environmental aggressors like UV radiation and pollutants. Dehydration can also hasten your skin's premature ageing, causing fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging. Ergo, a fitting skin care routine is needed to do away with such skin conditions.

Summer Skin Care Routine: A Step by Step Guide

Now that you know why you should definitely follow a summer skin care routine, the next important thing to know is what steps to include in your routine to effectively summer-proof your skin. Here is our short and simple summer skincare regime that can assure you healthy and happy skin throughout.

1. Cleansing Twice a Day

Cleansing your face with cleanser or face wash twice a day

The first thing to make sure you’re regularly following is cleansing your face with a suitable cleanser or face wash, twice a day. This ensures to do away with dirt, impurities, sweat and oil that can accumulate in your pores, causing conditions like pimples and breakouts.

2. Don’t forget to Moisturise

After Cleansing, don’t forget to apply moisturizer to your face

The next thing to follow without doubt for your skincare regime is using a moisturiser. With the piercing heat drying out your skin too often and leaving it dehydrated, it is of utmost importance to moisturise your skin. Ensure to be generous while applying the moisturiser, focusing more on rough areas like elbows and knees, and reapply as and when needed.

3. Sunscreen is Imperative

Sunscreen is important because sun’s UV rays can cause damage to your skin’s cells

It’s no secret that sunscreen is one of the most important parts of any skincare regime, no matter what the season is. The sun’s UV rays can cause damage to your skin’s cells, so much so that it increases the risk of turning cancerous. Hence, a substantial summer skin care tip is to make sure to give your skin appropriate SPF protection to fight against the sun’s severe damage. It’ll also help you combat sunburns, tanning and inflammation caused by the burning sunrays. 

4. Include Antioxidants and Exfoliation

Antioxidants an Exfoliation are truly beneficial for your skin

Antioxidants are truly beneficial for your skin as they work to shield your skin from environmental aggressors like the UV rays and pollution. Including antioxidants can help lessen inflammation and breakouts caused by excessive sun exposure. 

Additionally, exfoliating your skin once or twice a week can help break the buildup of sweat, oil and dirt in the pores, reducing breakouts.

5. Keep up with Hydration

Water or juices helps keep your skin healthy

This goes without saying that drinking plenty and plenty of fluids - whether it is water or juices - is highly crucial to maintaining your body’s levels of hydration. It helps keep your overall health in check and its ability to fight the fiery impact of heated temperatures.

Add NIVEA to your Summer Skincare Regime

NIVEA has got many incredibly effective products that offer the best for your summer skin care routine needs. Check them out-

1. NIVEA Sun Moisturising Lotion, SPF 50- This sunscreen lotion provides broad-spectrum protection from the sun rays while also keeping your skin well moisturised. Try it out, today.

2. NIVEA Aloe Vera - Gel Body Lotion- With the refreshing and alleviating care of aloe vera, this non-sticky gel body lotion provides long lasting hydration to your skin. 

3. NIVEA Rose Water - Gel Body Lotion- This lotion layers your skin with the gentle and soothing formula of rose water, keeping your skin hydrated and moisturised.

4. NIVEA Soft Scents Moisturising Cream – Chilled Mint- Enriched with Vitamin E, jojoba oil and chilled mint scents, this moisturising cream will leave your skin feeling instantly refreshed and soft.

5. NIVEA Soft Scents Moisturising Cream – Playful Peach- Infused with the goodness of Vitamin E, jojoba oil and peach scents, this cream leaves your skin feeling smooth and supple.

6. NIVEA Soft Scents Moisturising Cream – Peppy Pomegranate- This pomegranate scented cream gives your skin a non-greasy, moisturised and hydrated feel, with the nourishment of Vitamin E and jojoba oil.

The Takeaway

Having the perfect summer without any skincare woes is possible with a consistently followed skincare regimen. It makes sure your skin is able to retain its health and enhance its radiance. See to it that you’re giving the best possible care to your skin with the mentioned summer skin care routine and you’ll be able to make the most of this warm season.

Hope you have a great summer!
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