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Vitamin-E: A Super Skincare Solution

Vitamin-E: A Super Skincare Solution

Using Vitamin-E for the skin has become one of the most common trends of skin care in 2022, with Vitamin-E-enriched lotions and moisturizers being the go-to choice for many dermatologists. But why exactly has this trend come to exist? Let’s take a deeper look. 

In a scientific sense, Vitamin E, also known as Alpha-tocopherol, is a powerful supplement. It generally functions as a powerful antioxidant and is a fat-soluble vitamin. Studies have revealed that Vitamin-E promotes blood flow, which enhances overall health and has several positive effects on the skin.


What Does Vitamin- E Do for Your Skin?

Here are some of the common skin-related uses of Vitamin-E:

1. Hydrates and Moisturises the Skin

Vitamin-E for the skin helps cover any cracks, wrinkles, and lines, preventing any natural lipids from evaporating as it penetrates deeply into the skin and helps retain moisture up to the skin's inner layers. Moreover, it simultaneously moisturizes and smoothens it.

It gives your skin the best nutrition and hydration while preventing moisture loss. In other words, it helps you achieve healthy, supple skin while restoring and rejuvenating your skin from the inside out. 

2. Slowers Skin Aging Rate

The protein collagen production is boosted by Vitamin E, which helps maintain your skin's flexibility. In addition to this, the abundant antioxidant content of Vitamin-E for skin helps treat and slow down age-related indications like wrinkles, fine lines, etc.

3. Protects from Ultra-Violet Rays

Vitamin-E enriched sunscreens can combat fine wrinkles, sagging skin, and hyperpigmentation by enhancing each other's sun protection capabilities. Moreover, since it is an antioxidant, using Vitamin-E on the skin soothes skin irritation, inflammation, and itching. Also, you receive the triple advantages of replenishment, hydration, and brightness when you use a moisturizer containing Vitamin-E for all skin types.

4. Cleanses the skin properly.

Due to its unique oil-based characteristics, Vitamin-E functions as an emollient. This is one of the uses of Vitamin-E that is severely underrated. It controls the pH level of your skin while helping in preventing dirt, pollutants, and dead skin cells from entering your skin pores. It finally results in skin that is clean and healthy.


What skin types can use Vitamin- E?

According to the majority of skin care experts, less than 1% of people are sensitive to Vitamin-E. However, a strong substance like Vitamin-E oil may have an effect on skin that is very oily or acne-prone. We advise performing a patch test, wherein you apply a small amount of Vitamin-E to the skin and check to see if there is any redness, inflammation, or irritation. If so, it doesn't necessarily imply you must completely avoid Vitamin-E. You might be utilizing an insufficient concentration of Vitamin-E.

Uses of Vitamin-E are in abundance. It is easy to use, inexpensive, and very enriching for the skin. Looking to add Vitamin-E to your skin care routine? At NIVEA, we offer a wide-range of moisturising creams, face washes, body lotions, and shaving gels/foams that are enriched with this miraculous vitamin. Give your skin the gift of good health!  
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