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Natural Face Wash Benefits & Guide for Your Skin Types

Natural Face Wash Benefits & Guide for Your Skin Types

A good face wash is essential in any skincare routine, regardless of skin type. It cleanses your skin thoroughly and plays a significant role in maintaining its health and radiance. However, the price of deeply cleansed skin can be harsh chemicals, fragrances, and toxins that can harm your skin's appearance and quality. This is where natural face washes come into the picture, providing a safer and healthier alternative to traditional face washes.

Ask any dermatologist, including those at Nivea, and they’ll agree - Using a quality face wash is fundamental to a good, effective skincare routine. In recent years, there has been a major shift towards using natural face washes, with more and more men and women desiring skin care products which are less reliant on chemicals and instead use a more traditional approach. Nivea's line of natural face washes offers an excellent selection for individuals aiming to prioritize the health and appearance of their skin. Discover how to choose a face wash and make Nivea's natural options an essential part of your skincare routine. These products are free of harsh chemicals and toxins, and instead use natural ingredients to cleanse and nourish the skin.

How to Choose a Natural Face Wash?

To choose the right natural face wash, it's important to start by identifying your skin concerns, such as oily pores, acne scars, dry or tanned skin, or sensitive skin. Carefully assess your skin to get a better idea of what you need. The market is full of natural face wash options, so choose wisely. One great option to consider is Nivea's Milk Delights range, which includes five natural face washes for glowing skin. These face washes have a neutral pH formula best suited for your skin.

1.  The formula

When selecting a natural face wash, choosing the right formula that suits your skin type is important. Look for creamy and moisturizing formulas for dry skin, while gel cleansers are better suited for oily or sensitive skin. If you have normal or combination skin, both foaming gel-based and creamy formulas with soothing ingredients are effective.

2. The ingredients

When selecting a natural face wash, looking for ingredients tailored to your skin type and concerns is important. For dry skin, look for moisturizing components such as aloe vera, coconut oil, vitamin E, honey, milk, and jojoba oil. If you have oily skin, consider using face washes with natural ingredients such as tea tree, clay, neem, aloe vera, green tea, and oatmeal. For individuals with sensitive skin, it's recommended to choose herbal cleansers with minimal ingredient lists and free of harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances.


Natural face washes are as effective as chemical-based face washes in deep cleansing, moisturizing, brightening, and managing various skin issues. Choosing a natural face wash is a great step to include in your daily skincare routine since washing your face daily is essential. Using a natural face wash can provide numerous face wash benefits for your skin. Let's explore some of the significant advantages below.
  1. Free of synthetic ingredients, harmful chemicals, sulfates, parabens, and phthalates, natural face washes are beneficial for the skin.

  2. Maintaining the skin's pH levels is crucial for healthy and youthful-looking skin; natural face washes can help achieve that.

  3. A natural face wash is a safer option, particularly for those with acne-prone and sensitive skin, and helps prevent skin damage.

  4. Natural face washes are gentle on the skin and help to retain its natural oils and hydration.

  5. Naturally and organically derived ingredients are sustainably sourced, benefiting your skin and the environment.


Natural face washes can be just as effective as their chemical counterparts, and they offer a more relatable and sustainable option. While products with ingredients like carbon, sulfate, or retinol have been backed by years of experimentation, sometimes a natural approach is preferred. 

NIVEA's Milk Delights natural glow face washes, for example, use traditional ingredients such as honey, rose, and turmeric, which have been a staple of Indian skincare for centuries. These face washes offer deep cleansing, acne and oil reduction, and a natural healthy glow using household ingredients. Ultimately, it's a matter of what works best for your skin concerns and needs.


Natural face cleansers and face washes have come a long way from being just a trend to becoming their own field. In a world where extensive skincare routines and pricey chemical concoctions are the norm, natural face washes offer an effective and affordable choice that returns it to the basics. What started as a simple practice of applying remedies in the olden days has become a beloved practice. In fact, natural face washes have always been a part of Indian remedies, making it evident that they were ahead of their time. Unsurprisingly, they have seen a well-deserved resurgence in popularity and are set to remain a part of our future. 

Whether you prefer natural or synthetic face washes, always choose the one that cleans your skin and cares for it gently and effectively without causing any additional concerns or side effects. After all, healthy-looking skin leads to a happier you. At the end of the day, that's what matters the most.


Natural face washes have become increasingly popular in skincare routine steps due to their effectiveness in deep cleansing and nourishing the skin without harmful chemicals. When choosing a natural face wash, it is important to consider factors such as skin type and skincare ingredients. Nivea's Milk Delights range is a great option to consider, with five natural face washes tailored to different skin concerns. Natural face washes offer numerous benefits such as maintaining the skin's pH levels, being gentle on the skin, and having sustainably sourced ingredients. 

Whether you're curious about face washes or already familiar, selecting the right one for your skin concerns is crucial, especially when comparing face wash vs cleanser. Natural or synthetic, find the perfect match to achieve healthy and glowing skin.


Are natural face washes effective?

Natural face washes provide deep cleansing, moisturization, brightening, and skin issue management, similar to chemical-based counterparts, while also addressing why face wash is important. They achieve this without containing harmful synthetic ingredients, sulfates, parabens, and phthalates, maintaining pH levels and preserving skin health.

What is the difference between a natural and an organic face wash?

Natural face washes utilize natural ingredients, ensuring they are free from synthetic components, harmful chemicals, sulfates, parabens, and phthalates while providing all the inherent face wash benefits. In contrast, organic face washes are crafted from ingredients cultivated through organic farming practices, guaranteeing that they are grown without pesticides, fertilizers, or other environmental-harming chemicals.

Are natural face washes 100% chemical-free?

No, natural face washes are not 100% chemical-free, as all substances, including natural ones, are made up of chemicals. However, natural face washes are free from harmful synthetic chemicals, sulfates, parabens, and phthalates that can damage the skin. Natural face washes are made from naturally derived ingredients that are gentler on the skin and better for overall skin health.
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