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Why Moisturisers Are a Key Part of any Skin Care Routine

Why Moisturisers Are a Key Part of any Skin Care Routine

When it comes to your daily skin care routine, the one product you simply must include is a moisturiser. Whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin, your skin needs to stay hydrated and rejuvenated throughout the year. Here’s a fact most people aren’t aware of: The oil glands that maintain healthy skin start to lose their function as we age, which causes them to produce less oil. When you moisturize daily, you can make up for this loss in function, that’s why moisturizers are important. However, learning how to use a moisturizer correctly is just as important as using the right one. 


Benefits of Using Moisturiser in your Skin Care Routine

Reduced Skin Issues

Due to the imbalance that results from dryness; your skin may experience various problems. Increased redness, more acne cases, and even shiny skin due to overactive oil production may be visible. You need a moisturiser that balances your skin to prevent this. To hydrate your skin and balance the oil content, choose an oily cream. For naturally oily skin you should choose a lotion, because the amount of oil in those moisturisers is typically much lower.


Younger and Radiant Skin

Your skin generally replaces cells in some areas more frequently than in others. This includes areas such as chest, face, ears, and neck. These are the places where skin cancer tends to be most likely to occur. It also means that, in the event of trauma, the skin in these areas is much less resilient than other body parts. Adding to this, your skin may be more vulnerable to the weather when it is young and healthy. Upon using a moisturizer regularly, your skin can replace the damaged areas effectively, as moisturized skin is healthier and more resilient.


Better Resistance for Pores

Our skin is exposed to several environmental pollutants every day. Some of them are present out in the open air, while others reside in buildings or places of business. Impurities can clog your pores if you go out without any protection. By regularly moisturizing your skin, you can keep more of these pollutants from entering your pores and give your skin the necessary nourishment. This maintains the health of your skin and lowers your risk of getting ill or hurt from the daily pollutants floating in the air. This is why its crucial to know how to use a moisturiser effectively.


Lesser Visibility of Wrinkles

Nobody wants to appear older than they are. However, aging is a natural process. By incorporating a moisturiser into your skin care routine, you can counter the appearance of wrinkles significantly. When you apply a moisturiser, your skin plumps up, giving your face a firmer appearance and revealing fewer wrinkles. People typically appear older due to their skin drying out and showing more signs of aging.


Supercharging Retinol

When using products such as retinol and other new age chemicals, facial skin tends to become extremely dry and itchy. It can even look blotchy and red. Applying a layer of moisturiser after using any AHA/BHA products can help to reduce irritation and in turn make your skin care routine work more effectively.

So, to sum it up, applying a moisturiser is among the most crucial steps in our skin care routine. It safeguards the skin, combats the appearance of wrinkles, and is excellent at assisting with most common problems associated with all skin types. 

Now that you know the many benefits of using moisturisers, it's time to take your skin to the next level. One last tip: If you want to maintain good personal hygiene and see actual improvement in your skin, you shouldn't compromise on the quality of your moisturiser. Whether it’s moisturisers, lip balms, face washes or body lotions, we recommend that you consider NIVEA’s extensive range of skin care products for the best possible skin care solutions. Healthy skin is happy skin!

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