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Body Lotion vs. Body Cream: Which is better for Summer?

Body Lotion vs. Body Cream: Which is better for Summer?

With summer comes brighter, warmer and happier days but it also calls for special care for your skin. One of the most crucial parts of any summer skin care routine is including a moisturiser, whether in the form of a cream or a lotion. Are you wondering which one would be better - a summer body cream or a summer lotion?

Well, that is why we are here. Read on to learn more about the difference between a lotion and a cream.

What is a Body Lotion?

A body lotion is formulated with a higher concentration of water content compared to a body cream. It works to moisturise and hydrate your skin without leaving a sticky or greasy residue. Typically, a mild substance is used to create it, which quickly absorbs into the skin to leave it feeling soft, smooth and supple.

Who Should Use a Body Lotion?

A moisturising body lotion is the ideal choice for you if you have normal or oily skin because it offers an easily absorbable, thin, and flimsy layer of moisture and hydration. A body lotion is the greatest replacement for a thick summer body cream on hot, muggy days when it could feel uncomfortable and heavy on your skin.

What is a Body Cream?

A body cream is formulated with a low water content and higher concentration of oil and other emollients, hence, achieving a thicker texture and consistency than a body lotion. It works to layer your skin with intense hydration and moisturisation, same as a body lotion. The only difference between a lotion and a cream is their respective texture. However, their benefits remain the same in terms of retaining and adding much needed moisture to your skin.

Who Should Use a Body Cream?

If you have dry skin and flaky skin, and are wondering what to choose this summer- a summer body cream or a summer lotion, we recommend going for a summer body cream. This is because, with its more thick and creamy texture, a body cream will be able to help you better with combating dry and dehydrated skin during summer. 

Now that you are acquainted with the difference between a lotion and a cream and which is right for your skin, we can guide you through some steps to maximise the benefits of a moisturising body lotion or body cream.

How to Use Body Lotion and Body Cream?

Using body lotion and body cream after the bath

Step 1: Cleanse Away the Dirt

Wash off all the dirt and sweat with a hot bath or a cold shower, whichever you prefer. 

Step 2: Massage Well

Take a generous amount of the moisturising body lotion or cream in your palms and massage in gentle circular motions.

Step 3: Reapply frequently

Repeat the process as and when you feel your skin needs it. You may need to reapply the moisturiser more often if you have dry skin.

Why choose NIVEA Body Lotions and Creams?

NIVEA has a fine range of moisturising body lotions as well as creams that you can add to your summer skin care routine.

NIVEA’s Body Lotions

1. NIVEA Aloe Vera - Gel Body Lotion: Get the refreshing and alleviating goodness of aloe vera with this non-greasy, moisturising lotion.

2. NIVEA Rose Water - Gel Body Lotion: Give your skin the soothing nourishment of rose water with this non-sticky, hydrating lotion.

3. NIVEA Body Lotion - Oil In Lotion Cocoa Nourish: Best suited for dry skin, this lotion gives your skin intense and long-lasting hydration and softness.

4. NIVEA Body Lotion - Nourishing Body Milk: The milk formula of this lotion helps retain and restore your skin’s moisturisation, especially for very dry skin.

5. NIVEA Sun Moisturising Lotion, SPF 50: This sunscreen lotion keeps your skin well-moisturised while offering extensive and long-lasting protection from the sun's rays.

NIVEA’s Body Creams

NIVEA has a range of creams which are enriched with the nutrifying properties of jojoba oil and Vitamin E, leaving your skin nourished, refreshed and moisturised like the NIVEA Soft - Light Moisturising Cream. It is a lightweight cream that is non-sticky and intensely hydrating. There are also scented creams you might like- 

1. NIVEA Soft Scents Moisturising Cream – Chilled Mint

2. NIVEA Soft Scents Moisturising Cream – Playful Peach

3. NIVEA Soft Scents Moisturising Cream – Peppy Pomegranate

4. NIVEA Soft Scents Moisturising Cream – Berry Blossom 

You can also consider using our popular and age-old cream, the NIVEA Creme - All Season Multi-Purpose Cream. The provitamin infused formula of this cream will never disappoint whenever your skin is in dire need of moisturisation.

There you have it, all the details you need on body lotion vs. body cream. Choose whatever suits your skin type and treat your skin with the ultimate care it deserves this summer.


1. Why are body lotions important?

Body lotions are important for preserving and adding moisture to your skin, ensuring it remains smooth and supple. 

2. Is body lotion the same as body moisturiser?

A body moisturiser can be of two different types- body lotion and body cream. The difference between the two is their texture. A body lotion is thinner and lighter than a body cream.

3. Can I mix Coconut Oil in my body cream?

Yes, you can mix 100% natural coconut oil in your body cream.

4. What are the benefits of using NIVEA cream?

NIVEA creams are filled with nourishing elements like jojoba oil and Vitamin E and hence,  ensure maximum nourishment of your skin. They are long lasting and non-greasy, leaving you feeling moisturised and soft.
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